Innovative design and build for new modern homes in Toronto.

We elevate the art of new home building with a clear and compelling Mission: to be a leading developer known for architecturally innovative homes. We have the experience and insight to help you find just the right neighborhood and lot through our property acquisition services. While we strongly believe that each project is unique, we also believe that your custom home needs to organically connect with the neighborhood.

Custom homes designed specifically for you

Your custom home project offers a blank canvas for us to explore creative ideas with you. Our project management team handles all aspects of the Design and Build process and ensures that your custom new construction project is met with master craftsmanship – from building the right structure, building envelope solutions, specialized mill-work to custom stone work, glass work to the latest sustainability solutions.

In the Design Build Process, the client, designer, builder and consultants are all working simultaneously to create the architecture and vision for your custom home. In conjunction with the design teams, we also work with you as our client to select materials, conduct value engineering exercises, and facilitate permits and consultant coordination. This process leads to the most efficient and cost effective approach to build. Such an integrated team approach to construction also creates a smarter and higher performing home.

Quality residential construction for your custom home

At the nucleus of Mod Life, we support an in-house construction management team that provides the most advanced solutions to all our clients. Our experienced management teams focus on bringing quality construction techniques to every project. We work closely with clients to establish construction budgets and schedules because our biggest commitment is to build every project like it is our own home. We work with established trades and have pre-selected teams of expert trades to ensure highest quality and consistency.


Architectural renovations with a modern approach.

For half a decade, Mod Life has specialized in bringing a higher level of construction expertise to significant architectural renovations, retrofits, and additions to existing structures, from kitchen and bathroom retrofits to lower basements, landscape and exterior work.

Each ReBuild project can present unique design and construction challenges. Working with existing structures can often be more difficult than building new and can have particular site logistics. Mod Life welcomes such challenges and can advise you on opportunities to proceed.

Discover the benefits of home renovations

An architectural renovation project can look just as impressive as a brand new house, with its completely updated new interiors, improved energy efficiency, open concept layouts, trendy and modern feel. We often find, however, that the benefits of reBuild projects can present cost saving opportunities and facilitate permitting. These projects also allow us to take a more green approach to your renovation by reducing landfill and the use of existing materials. Whether you are adding a new floor or side addition to your home, infill development is a great opportunity to improve a home with good structural bones.

Create your Design Vision

During a ReBuild project, we strip down the home to its walls and foundations, while completely updating the interior and exterior of the home. This follows a similar path to building a new custom home with full design, permits, and construction stages.

Where feasible, we always advise maintaining the existing structure, primarily because of the opportunities for space efficiency, cost savings and old home character. ReBuilding a home requires specialized expertise to make the old meet with the new, and to assess existing conditions and any limitations in design. At Mod Life, we see this as an opportunity to be more creative in your home renovation project.


Remodel your home with modern styling and innovative ideas.

We integrate our passion for architecture, design, and construction expertise to create breathtaking interior and exterior remodeling solutions. Remodeling will elevate the look of your home and can add immediate value without going through the major expense of significant upgrades involved in a ReBuild.

Bring new life to your home by refreshing an old kitchen or remodel the interior to create an exciting new layout. Rethink your home with new ideas and colours. Add a new deck for entertaining or create a new window to bring light and views into your space. Whatever your vision, our experience in construction and high level design inspiration will elevate any project.

Modern home design trends and lifestyles

Mod Life brings added value to your remodeling project with our expertise in high level home design and our experience in quality construction.

Remodeling projects usually start with a small idea and turn into something bigger. Whether you’re upgrading the kitchen or putting new flooring in your home, adding a skylight or updating your stairs, Mod Life will work with homeowners to ensure you’ve considered the important things. Design considerations, materials selection, and construction requirements to create the right final result. It’s simpler to discuss concepts up front and make changes than to build something and want to change it after a year. We will work with you to set the right expectations in every project and create the right flow and continuity. No matter how small your project, following a proper process always helps with cost savings in the long run and creates a better product.

Mod Life’s Remodel team will provide the highest level of customer service, design ideas, and quality construction. We would like to remove the question marks and offer you solutions.